Georgina Diaz is a Fashion and Textile Designer specialising in Historical Costume for stage and screen, who graduated with an Honors Degree from the ‘National College of Art & Design’ in Dublin - Ireland.

Despite being based in Dublin, Georgina was born in a small town in the Amazon basin region of Colombia - SouthAmerica, where she spent her childhood and from where she gets her vibrant character and eye for colour.

Georgina started her design studies while living in Madrid. There she gained great experience in made to measurement women garments after working for some Haute Couture houses; and later on went to work as an ideas developer, pattern and samples maker for a Bridal Fashion House.

In Dublin - Ireland, she attended the ‘National College of Art & Design’, where she graduated with an honors Degree in Fashion and Textile Design.

Since then Georgina has established herself as a free lance Designer and Historical Costume Couturier for film, television and theatre productions in Ireland.

A strong work ethic combined with a keen interest in history, specifically with a focus on the research of Historical Costume, has enabled Georgina to successfully interpret, adapt and improvise period fashion for modern productions.

  Georgina Diaz